Android O Beta version available for developers – with many new seamless features

As this year’s Google I/O developer event kicks off as of yesterday, Google have revealed some very exciting news for all Android developers. With the introduction to the developer preview for ‘Android O’ starting yesterday, developers will have a brand new set of tools to better optimise their apps. These new features include real time monitoring of each line of code to help the developer track down any issues like […]

Samsung launches new 4G Tizen phone in India

Samsung has long used Android to power the large majority of it’s smartphones, but in recent years and also quite recently the in house developed Tizen operating system has been cropping up on some lower priced Samsung phones. The most recent phone to received the Tizen treatment is aimed at the emerging markets, most directly India. the new Samsung Z2 starts at £51 ($68 or 4,590 INR). As the price […]

Samsung Galaxy S7 expected to launch Feb 21

According to a teaser video from Samsung, the next big Galaxy device is set to be unveiled at a media event in Barcelona on Sunday 21 February 2016 at 7pm. The Galaxy S7 is set to be released and the the rumoured specs are that it’ll have 4GB RAM a lower spec 12mp camera and a 5mp front facing camera as well as adding back the microSD card slot for additional […]

John Scully, former Apple CEO launches new Obi smartphones

John Sculley is making new entries in the smartphone market with Obi Worldphone, a new company which he and Robert Brunner, the Ammunition design founder have launched together. Sculley the former Apple CEO from 1983 to 1993 is most famous for being the Pepsi-Cola CEO before Jobs recruited him. Sculley is making sure that less expensive phones don’t compromise on the design. He is doing that with two Android based phones which actually look […]