Tech Basics

Ubiquiti UniFi UDM Pro vs UDM Pro SE

Ubiquiti announced the new UniFi Dream Machine Pro SE earlier this year in July and it builds upon the original UDM Pro, which went on sale in February 2020. Both units are very similar, with only some minor yet very important enhancements being changed between the two models. The form factor is the same, with a small 1.3-inch LCM display, 3.5-inch HDD bay, eight LAN ports, 2 SFP ports and […]

Ubiquiti GigaBeam product line explained

Ubiquiti is getting its 60GHz product line well and truly up and running, with three different GigaBeam point-to-point products, two airFiber 60GHz products and a 60GHz UniFi Building Bridge. However, out of the three different GigaBeam radios Ubiquiti makes it can be a bit confusing which one to get – this guide will explain what each one is used for, prices and which one is the best fit for your […]

Ubiquiti UniFi USG vs USG Pro

Ubiquiti launched the USG line of UniFi firewalls quite a while ago, such that they have been kind of replaced with the new UDM line, but there are still some use cases for a single purpose device. With a UDM or UDM Pro, it is not possible to adopt them to a cloud hosted UniFi server or a Cloud Key. If the device needs to be replaced for any reason […]

Ubiquiti UniFi UDM vs UDM-Pro

Ubiquiti launched the UniFi Dream Machine and Dream Machine Pro around a year ago, with the UDM-Pro being launched in February 2020. Both devices take the modular approach that Ubiquiti has with UniFi and condenses a few products into one simpler to use and in some cases, less expensive but that can come with some added complication. The UDM combines a Cloud Key controller, USG gateway, 4 port ethernet switch […]

Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Key Gen2 vs Cloud Key Gen2+

Ubiquiti launched the Cloud Key Gen2 line of devices back at the end of 2018, and when compared to the previous first generation, the new models have a lot of advancements. For starters, the old model would have database issues when power was lost, be it a power cut or manually unplugged. Ubiquiti solved this issue by building in a backup battery inside, so when the device loses power, the […]

What is Ubiquiti UISP?

In the Ubiquiti world of products, the devices it offers fall under two categories: Enterprise and ISP/MSP. UniFi deals with the enterprise side, all the range of products be it UniFi Network, UniFi Protect, UniFi Talk, UniFi LED and and UniFi Access – they all have a centralised screen which is used to manage the devices. The other devices such as sunMAX, EdgeMAX, airMAX, airFiber, uFiber and LTU are all […]

Ubiquiti GigaBeam vs UniFi Building Bridge

Ubiquiti has two very similar options for short range PtP (Point-to-Point) on the 60GHz spectrum, with the airMAX GigaBeam and the UniFi Building Bridge (UBB). Both are basically identical in performance, but they are aimed at different audiences and devices run on 60GHz, with a 5GHz backup which can failover in case of bad weather or temporary obstructions. Both devices are rated for 500 metres of range with up to […]

Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Key Gen2+ vs UNVR

Currently, Ubiquiti offers three types of hardware NVR solutions for use with its UniFi Protect camera system. With the previous, now discontinued and EOL UniFi Video platform – Ubiquiti offered two different hardware solutions, with the UniFi Video NVR and the UAS-XG appliance server. UniFi Video could also be installed on your own hardware. On Windows, Ubuntu and more. UniFi Protect was introduced in early 2019 and as of writing, […]

Ubiquiti UniFi AC Lite vs 6 Lite

Back in November last year, Ubiquiti introduced its first 802.11ax or WiFi 6 UniFi APs to the market with the new 6 Lite and 6 LR APs, with the 6 Lite sitting toe to toe price wise with the entry level AC Lite access point. We’re going to see how they compare and what features you can expect to see and if it is worth upgrading. With the 6 Lite […]

Ubiquiti UniFi Protect G3 Pro vs G4 Pro

Ubiquiti launched the G4 Pro in May 2019 it was the company’s first 4K camera and the first G4 camera, as of writing the G4 line has been expanded to a G4 PTZ, G4 Doorbell, G4 Bullet and the G4 Dome. With the current software versions, UniFi Protect can now detect objects, using AI processing on the camera it can detect people and cars, with more likely coming soon. This […]