Ubiquiti announces new UniFi Dream Machine Pro SE, which is in beta currently

This week, Ubiquiti has revealed the new Dream Machine Pro SE but it isn’t yet available to purchase. Ubiquiti never usually reveals a new beta product publicly, usually it stays around in the Early Access store until it gets launched properly. However, Ubiquiti has released a YouTube video about the new Dream Machine Pro SE and all that has changed between the standard Pro and the new Special Edition. The […]

Ubiquiti launches new 10GbE Flex XG UniFi switch

Today Ubiquiti has announced the new UniFi Switch Flex XG which has four 10GbE ethernet ports and one PoE input port which is a gigabit. The switch can also be powered by USB-C, freeing up one port for other devices. The Switch Flex XG retakes at $299 from Ubiquiti’s official store in the US and £260.50 in the UK from its EU store. The use case for this switch is […]

Ubiquiti announces UniFi Talk in the US only for now

This week, Ubiquiti has announced UniFi Talk its second attempt at a VoIP system for homes and small businesses. UniFi Talk is a brand new system and build on from where the predecessor, UniFi VoIP which was launched back in 2013 and 2014 with two PoE voice-over-IP phones, At the time the VoIP aspect was integrated into the standard UniFi Controller and then later down the line there was a […]

Ubiquiti is working on supporting Apple Home Keys for UniFi Access

Apple announced iOS 15 this week at its annual WWDC developer conference. We are covering all the new features this week and throughout the summer here on A&T Tech but one section Apple focused on was the Wallet app. Specifcally, Apple is adding support for some physical cards in the app, such as ID cards but now support for Home Keys, which can be used to unlock an NFC enabled […]

Ubiquiti UniFi USG vs USG Pro

Ubiquiti launched the USG line of UniFi firewalls quite a while ago, such that they have been kind of replaced with the new UDM line, but there are still some use cases for a single purpose device. With a UDM or UDM Pro, it is not possible to adopt them to a cloud hosted UniFi server or a Cloud Key. If the device needs to be replaced for any reason […]

Ubiquiti launches new cover for the G3 Instant UniFi Protect camera

Today, alongside the new UNVR-Pro and UniFi Protect Smart Floodlight, Ubiquiti has launched a new skin for the popular wireless camera it offers, the G3 Instant. For $10 each, it comes in light grey, dark grey and grey to help make the bright white camera blend in easier in its environment. Ubiquiti is offering the UniFi G3 Instant Cover on its official store, marked as “coming soon” for now. Update […]

Ubiquiti launches the new UNVR-Pro for UniFi Protect

Today, Ubiquiti has listed the new UNVR Pro on its official store, store.ui.com for $499 with a note that it is “coming soon”. We previewed the UNVR-Pro back in March on A&T Tech, as Ubiquiti had revealed details on its website. The new UNVR Pro takes the standard UNVR that Ubiquiti has had on sale for the best part of a year now and makes it double the height and […]

Ubiquiti launches new Smart Flood Light for UniFi Protect

Today, Ubiquiti has released a brand new Smart Flood Light for use with the UniFi Protect camera system. Powered by 802.3af PoE, the floodlight can be paired to any camera in Protect and it’ll use both the PIR sensor on the base of the light and the motion sensing abilities in the camera to then turn on the light. The floodlights brightness can be configured and it’ll get up to […]

Ubiquiti releases UniFi Protect 1.18.0 with bug fixes and support for new Floodlight

This week, Ubiquiti has updated its UniFi Protect platform to version 1.18.0. The company’s CCTV platform was last updated to a major version back in January, when smart detection for vehicles was added. This new update focusses less on new features but more on adding tweaks to the user interface on the web. There are a a couple of new features, for example Ubiquiti has added support for the ‘UP-FloodLight’, […]

Ubiquiti releases airOS 8.7.4 for airMAX AC devices

Earlier today, Ubiquiti launched a new update for the airMAX AC line of products, with airOS 8.7.4. This update is for the PowerBeam AC, NanoStation AC, NanoBeam AC, Bullet AC, Rocket AC and more. This release comes out a full nine months after the last version, airOS 8.7.1 which was released in June 2020. Quite a few annoying bugs have been fixed, few name changes of services and extra bits […]