Ubiquiti UniFi Protect G3 Bullet vs G4 Bullet

Ubiquiti launched the new G4 Bullet last summer, in July and while it doesn’t seem have replaced the G3 Bullet yet, as both are still available it offers some noticeable upgrades over the older model, albeit for a slight increase in the price too. The new G4 Bullet is all metal, an aluminium alloy with the only plastic section being the back mount which moves to angle the camera, this provides a […]

Ubiquiti releases UniFi Protect 1.17.1 with vehicle detection

Ubiquiti updated UniFi Protect last October to version 1.16.9 to add its first addition of AI, with person tracking under the feature, ‘Smart Detection’ and it is still only supported on the G4 line of cameras, which is now the G4 Pro, G4 Bullet, G4 Dome, G4 PTZ and G4 Doorbell. It is only supported on the new hardware, as the ‘detection’ is actually done on the camera. Changes With version 1.17.1, […]

(RESOLVED) Ubiquiti’s cloud broker offline, causing remote access issues for users

Ubiquiti has an issue today with its remote access cloud broker, which enables remote access to on premise devices, such as NVR video recorders and application servers managing enterprise networking devices, such as the Cloud Key line of products and the UniFi Dream Machines. The issue only seems to be affecting UniFi OS devices, meaning Cloud Key Gen2 devices running the most recent software, the UNVR, UDM Pro and the […]

Ubiquiti notifies customers of a security breach

Enterprise networking company, Ubiquiti Inc has notified its users today about a security breach that, according to the company might have had access to customer details and the company has said that it had not seen any unauthorized access to user accounts. “We recently became aware of unauthorized access to certain of our information technology systems hosted by a third party cloud provider.” Ubiquiti Ubiquiti uses its remote systems to […]

What’s the difference between the UniFi G3-Bullet and UniFi G3-AF?

The UniFi G3 Bullet is a current model in the UniFi Protect lineup, you can read more about the entire product line up here in our ‘Ubiquiti UniFi Protect Product Line Guide 2021‘ but we’re here to discuss the difference between two different SKUs of the same camera essentially, the G3-Bullet and G3-AF. Essentially, when the camera first came out in March 2016, it was actually called the UniFi Video Camera […]

UniFi Switch 16-150W vs UniFi Switch 16 PoE Gen2

Ubiquiti launched the new Gen2 version of the 16 port PoE UniFi Switch last year and its based on the new Gen2 platform, which includes silent cooling, a 1.3-inch touchscreen as well as a few other improvements. The older 150W version is the same price as the new Gen2 model, but it is better in a few small ways. Both switches are $299 (£271.30) and have 16 ports each, the […]

Ubiquiti launches new UniFi G4 Dome camera with vandal resistant protection

The new G4 Dome is now up for pre-order on Ubiquiti’s own store with new improved image quality, vandal resistance as well as improved weather resistance. We spotted references to the G4 Dome back in April this year dotted around on the Ubiquiti website, with a lot of features mentioned that made it to the final released product. The old G3 Dome had to be put under an eve if […]

Ubiquiti launches new UniFi G3 Instant Camera

Ubiquiti seems to always expanding its product line and one of the latest is the new G3 Instant for UniFi Protect. This is the newest G3 camera in a long while and some people might be confused, since the company has been launching G4 cameras recently, with the G4 Pro, G4 Bullet, G4 Doorbell and just a few weeks ago, the G4 PTZ. From what we can gather, G3 just […]

Ubiquiti announces new PTZ Camera for UniFi Protect

Today Ubiquiti has launched its first PTZ camera, designed specifically for UniFi Protect with 4K video recording, a massive 22x optical zoom lens and like all UniFi cameras, IR night vision. Due to the motors, the PoE requirements for the G4 PTZ are large, it needs 802.3bt PoE++ and Ubiquiti does sell a range of PoE switches which supports 802.3bt. The G4 PTZ is designed to be used outside, with […]

Cambium Networks settles a lawsuit with Ubiquiti Inc for selling hacking firmware

A number of years ago, Cambium Networks starting selling a version of its ePMP PtMP platform called Elevate which would allow users to connect other third party wireless equipment to it in order to provide better claimed performance, one of the main companies was Ubiquiti airMAX M radios, a company which offers very similar PtMP solutions. To get the system to work, Cambium would sell you an licence per airMAX […]