Ubiquiti launches new UniFi LTE Pro failover device

Recently, Ubiquiti has launched the new U-LTE-Pro for the European and British market which follows on from the US only U-LTE. The U-LTE failover looks very similar to the Pro model, but has some different operational and design differences between this new model. When the standard U-LTE was launched, it is only tied to AT&T in the US and the prices per month and the prices per GB make it […]

Ubiquiti launches new Aggregation Pro UniFi Switch

Today, Ubiquiti has launched a new Pro version of its existing UniFi Aggregation switch, with a huge number of ports and capacity. For starters, the Aggregation Pro has 32 ports in total, with 28 10G SFP+ ports and 4 25G SFP28 ports. It also has the 1.3-inch touchscreen we have seen on Ubiquiti’s latest switch models and Gen2 switches, as well as the UDM-Pro. This builds upon the existing, smaller […]

Ubiquiti launches the Enterprise 24 PoE UniFi Switch, with 2.5GB ports

Today, Ubiquiti has launched its first UniFi Switch in the Enterprise product line within UniFi, sitting above Pro it is a layer 3 PoE switch and part of what makes it enterprise is the port speed as this is the first UniFi Switch to have 2.5GbE PoE ports, which Ubiquiti says will link “to your Wi-Fi 6 APs”. Ubiquiti currently has two 802.11ax UniFi APs, with the UniFI 6 LR […]

Ubiquiti UniFi UDM vs UDM-Pro

Ubiquiti launched the UniFi Dream Machine and Dream Machine Pro around a year ago, with the UDM-Pro being launched in February 2020. Both devices take the modular approach that Ubiquiti has with UniFi and condenses a few products into one simpler to use and in some cases, less expensive but that can come with some added complication. The UDM combines a Cloud Key controller, USG gateway, 4 port ethernet switch […]

Ubiquiti airMAX Product Line Guide 2021

For many new users of Ubiquiti, airMAX and the company’s line of outdoor wireless point to multipoint and point to point solutions (PtMP and PtP) might be an unknown side to the product lines that have given Ubiquiti more traction lately, such as UniFi. In fact, the airMAX line of products was for a time, the largest side of the business and it even helped get the company started. The […]

Ubiquiti launches the UniFi Protect G4 PTZ in the EU and UK

This week, Ubiquiti has made the new UniFi Protect G4 PTZ camera available in the UK and EU via the official Europe Store from Ubiquiti. The camera launched initially in the US and Canada back in December 2020 with the price of $1,800. The G4 PTZ is a UniFi Protect camera with 4K video recording, 22x optical zoom lens and like all UniFi cameras, IR night vision. Due to the […]

Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Key Gen2 vs Cloud Key Gen2+

Ubiquiti launched the Cloud Key Gen2 line of devices back at the end of 2018, and when compared to the previous first generation, the new models have a lot of advancements. For starters, the old model would have database issues when power was lost, be it a power cut or manually unplugged. Ubiquiti solved this issue by building in a backup battery inside, so when the device loses power, the […]

Ubiquiti Dream Machine and Dream Machine Pro now support multiple WAN IPs

For a long time, Ubiquiti’s line of USG firewalls and the new UDM all in one machines have always been lacking a few routing and firewall features which have made them not a great choice for more advanced use cases. One of those much needed features is having multiple IP addresses on one WAN interface. This kind of thing can be used for having multiple servers on the LAN that […]

What is Ubiquiti UISP?

In the Ubiquiti world of products, the devices it offers fall under two categories: Enterprise and ISP/MSP. UniFi deals with the enterprise side, all the range of products be it UniFi Network, UniFi Protect, UniFi Talk, UniFi LED and and UniFi Access – they all have a centralised screen which is used to manage the devices. The other devices such as sunMAX, EdgeMAX, airMAX, airFiber, uFiber and LTU are all […]

Ubiquiti previews the UNVR-Pro on its website

When Ubiquiti launched UniFi Protect with the UniFi Cloud Key Gen2+ as the only offering for video storage, some users were concerned that they weren’t catering to the more larger installs, where with the previous UniFi Video platform offered self installation on larger servers. UniFi Protect doesn’t allow self installation at this stage and over the past year, Ubiquiti has been adding some good options with the UDM-Pro and UNVR. […]