T-Mobile rolls out 600MHz 5G network in the US today

Today, T-Mobile in the US has announced that its new lower frequency 600MHz 5G network has gone live throughout the United States, for those customers who have compatible phones. T-Mobile has said that this is the first nationwide 5G network to go live in the US. “T-Mobile lights up the first nationwide 5G network, first nationwide prepaid 5G with Metro by T-Mobile and first 5G devices that work nationwide, ushering […]

ICTP and CISAR use Ubiquiti airFiber and achieve 356mbps across 304km

A non profit organisation in Italy called The Centro Italiano Sperimentazione ed Attività Radiantistiche have achieved a super long distance wireless link using Ubiquiti’s airFiber backhaul radios and large dishes. The link spreads across the water half way and connects at 304km or 189 miles and still manages to transmit 356mbps in full duplex mode. The group used two Ubiquiti airFiber 5X radios which only cost around £400 each and two […]

802.11ac Wave 2 is now available for some routers

WiFi is something we all rely on and even though in the real world using ethernet cables in the home is much faster, this isn’t always practical and with smartphones and tablets – impossible. So this is why managing your home network and your wireless side important as interference, crowded channels and old routers using out of date wireless protocols can be your bottleneck for speed. 802.11ac debuted around 3 […]

Why consumer routers are plain awful and what you can do about it

Okay, so in the current space a lot of people do buy inexpensive routers, such as a Netgear or TP-Link generic box or just use the one provided with their ISP. and wonder why they have occasional dropouts and a wireless coverage which doesn’t and mainly can’t cover the whole house. Sometimes some random speed issues which can be fixed by simply ‘restarting the router’ or ‘turning it off and on again.’ I […]

What’s the best home CCTV system? – #HomeNetworkingMonth

As part of our Home Networking Month, one of the most requested articles we promised as well as a few others was “What is the best CCTV system for the home.” So that’s what this article is on, now we have looked at the market and there are plenty avaible out there, such as the Nest Camera, Phillips and more. But one that caught our eye is the Ubiquiti UniFi Video […]

Welcome to Home Networking Month

For the entirety of April, A&T Tech will be publishing helpful tips on home networking, suggesting significant upgrades for your router, cabling and some ingenious systems to work out how much data is really being used in your home. This isn’t just what we want to post or write about, there will also be a F&Q section where if any readers have any questions about home networking we will do our best to […]

New WiFi standard 802.11ad is three times faster than normal WiFI

At CES this week TP-Link unveiled the first consumer router which has the brand new 802.11 standard running at a whopping 60Ghz, the conventional bands used in the hoe environment are 2.4GHz and 5GHz maxing out at around 1,300mbps using 802.11ac. This new standard unveiled by the WiFI Alliance back in 2014 runs at a much higher 60GHz and supports around 7.2Gbps at short distances, basically in the same room with […]

5G wireless can download at super speeds of 3.6Gbps

We are close to having truly fast internet on our phones with the upcoming 5G wireless technology which will be the next big thing after 4G which had a maximum speed of about 100mbps, but in reality it is 50mbps. 5G is being tested in Japan and the trial runs being ran by Huawei and NTT DoCoMo who are a Japanese phone carrier. Both companies managed to max out the technology […]