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Live Premier League Kodi streams will now be blocked

This week the news came out the top six ISPs in the country are working together to help combat the illegal streams of live Premier League games. Mr Justice Arnold approved the application from the FAPL to block the live streams of the football games. BT, EE, Sky, PlusNet, TalkTalk and Virgin Media are working together to block the IP addresses coming from the servers where Kodi streams are originating. […]

Top Gear Series 24 starts tonight at 8pm

Top Gear is back! The last series with Chris Evans did get off to bad start following Clarkson and co, but with Series 24 has had a lot of work to bring it back up to scratch and the trailer at the end of the page really shows justice to that. When does the new series start? So series 24 of Top Gear starts tonight, which Sunday 5th March 2017 […]

The large investment of The Grand Tour has paid off for Amazon

Amazon’s big investment in the old Top Gear trio was a big gamble, but this has paid off for the retail giant, in big way. While the viewing figures may not be as big as Top Gear once was, it has certainly been popular. With the first series now over, the viewing figures have been revealed. The Grand Tour had 2.3m UK viewers in December, whereas for the last series of […]

Netflix on Android can now be charged to Google Play

Similar to how the payments system works on iOS, Google also allows third-party developers to utilise users payment details from their Google Play account to make purchases for subscriptions and various things within the app. Now Netflix is one of the latest apps to use Google Play Billing, Netflix has said that this will be slowly rolling out over the next few weeks. This feature on iOS and Android just makes […]

Facebook Live is now easier to find in search

Facebook originally unveiled it’s live video streaming feature a few months back and at the time only celebrities could use it but only just recently, Facebook added support for everyone to use Live videos and now as there is so many people streaming online now, the social media company has added in a new search feature, well more adjusting the existing system to better accommodate Live video, making it easier to […]

Deal: Amazon Fire Stick with Voice Remote now £39.99

The new Amazon Fire TV Stick has all you need for living room entertainment, with access to BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video as well as countless Android games to play. Just for today Amazon are cutting 11% off the price of the TV Stick from £44.99 to £39.99. There are two different options available, one with a standard remote for £34.99 and one with the Voice Remote for £44.99, […]

When Sky Q launches, 4K will run at 50fps

With the news of the pricing for the highly anticipated Sky Q TV service having just been revealed last week, we’re back with more news of the service, according to TechRadar Sky’s top end set-top box – the Sky Q Silver which can support 4K content will have the latest HDMI 2.0 standard deeply integrated in the system allowing it to output content at 50fps, matching the rival BT, with their BT Sport […]

House of Cards will have a fifth series in 2017

Good news House of Cards fans, Netflix is officially bringing back the ever popular series back to the streaming service for another fifth series, it’ll be showing in 2017 but there will be a bit of a catch, for the first four seasons Beau Willimon has been the creator, writer and show runner but he feels that it’s finally time to move on from the show and start something new. Beau […]

New Sky Q will be launching February 9th, for £42 a month and upwards

Back in November of last year Sky announced it’s new plans to revive its range of set top boxes, routers and more importantly the remote control for the Sky box. Last autumn, Sky revealed three new set top boxes the Sky Q, Sky Q Silver and Sky Q Mini as well as the Sky Q Hub which is a broadband router for the company’s internet services. Earlier today, Sky finally […]

iFixit have been banned from the App Store, following Apple TV teardown

iFixit have been tearing down the latest Apple products, as well as other phones for ages now but the latest one has actually ticked Apple off a bit. The new Apple TV has been teared down by the website and as the device is only available to developers until the final launch later this year sharing any details to the public actually violates the NDA, which strictly states that any publication […]