WhatsApp now works on CarPlay

Today WhatsApp has been added to the list of supported apps on CarPlay, more notable is that it is the first third-party app on CarPlay which supports messaging. Other apps, mainly music ones are offered such as Spotify and Google Play Music. But today WhatsApp was updated to add in support for CarPlay, which allows the driver to read unread messages, ask Siri to read those messages as well as […]

Apple updates iTunes to 12.7, removing the app store

Yesterday, Apple launched three new iPhone models. a new Apple TV 4K and the Apple Watch Series 3. But iTunes received a minor update, bringing the version up to 12.7. No App Store While this may be a small update, Apple has taken the decision to remove the iOS App Store from iTunes, as probably no one has used this feature in a long time, apps are now all managed […]

HTC adds a 128GB option for storage to its U11 phone

Just in the last month, HTC unveiled a new flagship smartphone, the U11 which is a bold and impressive move for HTC as they have been a little quiet lately when it comes to new phones. Just looking at the specs of the new phone, you can already gauge that it’s a powerful phone. The standard 64GB U11 features 4GB RAM and a microSD card for expanding the capacity. More […]

Samsung launches the Galaxy S8, starting at £689 in the UK

Today Samsung has unveiled the new Galaxy S8 flagship phone for 2017, with the new Infinity Display which is ultra wide and takes nearly the whole front of the phone, also the impressive processor and specs. It’ll be on sale on April 28th and you can pre-order it today. The long and short What is it? Samsung’s new answer to the upcoming iPhone, the Galaxy S8 When can I buy it? […]

The “Really Blue” Google Pixel is now available in the UK

Google’s own brand of phone, the Pixel was launched last year n three distinct colours – ‘quite black’, ‘very silver’ and ‘really blue’ however for some reason here in the UK we only got the black and silver options and only customers in the US could get the out the blue variant. Well starting earlier this week, Google is now offering the ‘really blue’ option in the UK, although for […]

Apple Watch mini store at Selfridges shuts down

When the first Apple Watch was launched back in 2015, the marketing Apple did was immense. Everywhere you looked for a few months the Apple Watch was everywhere, on magazine covers and also in London, Selfridges had an exclusive area within the store for the Apple Watch alone. Located on the first left in the huge Wonder Room – which is a 19,000 square foot hall dedicated to jewellery and […]

Apple is now offering refurbished Apple Watches

This week Apple has added some new products to its refurbished store, firstly the Apple Watch is making an appearance since the device was first in on sale from last year. Both Series 1 and Series 2 are listed in the two 38mm and 42mm configurations. Most finishes are being offered, apart from the Edition. The aluminium versions start at $229, which is $40 off and Stainless Steel versions start $469, […]

Apple releases iTunes 12.5.1 ahead of iOS release, boasting new design

In the last hour, Apple released an update to iTunes which contains the brand new Apple Music design, based on the changes the company has made in iOS 10. iTunes 12.5.1 is available now for Mac and Windows users, this comes before iOS 10 is available and a week before macOS Sierra comes out. iTunes 12.51 adds support for iOS 10 devices connecting via USB and also enhancements for Siri […]

SoundCloud introduces $9.99 per month subscription

It’s long been rumoured that SoundCloud would introduce a subscription plan for users to remove adverts. Usually the service is used to distribute recordings, samples and other audio clips around the world and now the iOS app has received an update today to add the new subscription plan, named Go. SoundCloud’s Go service offers listeners an expanded catalogue of music and new features such as offline playback and no adverts. […]

Apple Pay coming to China, with UnionPay

Apple pay has now been out for over a year now, in the US at least and here in the UK since July and Apple doesnt seem to standing still, the payment service is now coming to China ealry next year – following Apple breaking the news this week. “Apple Pay has revolutionized the way millions of people pay every day with their iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad,” said Eddy […]