BBC Three will go online only in February

This week, the BBC has confirmed the inevitable. BBC Three will be moving to the status of online only at the end of February next year, removing the channel entirely from the standard TV, the channel has been a proving ground in recent years for new and fresh comedies, Jack Whitehall’s Bad Education along with others made their debut on the channel. In terms of the current line of shows that air daily, […]

5 things you need to know about Yelp, and probably didn’t know.

Yelp, for those who don’t know is a review site for businesses, mostly for small independent cafes and restaurants. Also the site was originally used for business listings back in 2012 for Apple Maps. So here are some facts about Yelp and also why I think it’s a very good service to use. Yelp don’t like retailers to encourage customers to review I have personally experienced this with Tripadvisor reviews, upon getting the […]

Amazon Fire TV now £25 in the UK

The Chromecast has long had the crown for a low price streaming device for TVs and one of the most popular streaming sticks. Now Amazon are looking to compete with its share of the market with a price reduction in the UK of £10. The Apple TV has long been a popular alternative, but it has always been more expensive than the competitors – so the recent price cut to […]

Free WiFi to come to all trains by 2017

For those who travel on the train, trying to use the WiFi (if any) is a slow process, with login details and slow speeds, the struggle is real. The UK Government has realised this, even using 3G or 4G is just as bad with spotty signal patches. The Government is investing £50 million to launch a free WiFi served across all the major train networks. Rail Minister, Clair Perry announced […]