Windows 10

Windows Store now highlights apps for Windows 10

Visiting the Windows Store for apps at the moment does a have a random list of new apps and some of the old ones for Windows 8 when the store debuted, but finding those new apps which have been optimised for Windows 10 on the desktop and Windows 10 Mobile can be a little bit difficult. But now Microsoft have added labels to those shiny new apps that have been […]

More people are now using Windows 10 than XP

Windows 10 is now just over six months old and in that time, Microsoft have broken a few records, just in the first few days since is was released the adoption rate greatly surpassed Windows 8 when it was announced back in 2012. Now this week, Windows 10 has just overtaken the ancient Windows XP in terms of usage figures, according to Net Applications. As of writing Windows 10 is now […]

Windows 10 Insider Preview 14251 is now available to download

As a Windows Insider myself the initial experience of trying out a operating system in its rawest form is quite a experience, a lot of people get pretty fed up with their computers anyway without the need for beta software in the mix but last year from January when the Windows 10 Insider Preview was released through to July when the pubic edition went live, users willing to give up […]

Windows 10 Mobile is available, in Germany

Windows 10 Mobile has been a long time coming, with the desktop equivalent the company managed to be on time for the release, July 29. However with Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone users have been waiting quite a number of months now but some users in Germany shouldn’t have to wait too long now as T-Mobile Germany has announced that the update to the phones will be updated soon to the […]

Microsoft launching 10 cents deals, only on Windows 10

Even though the adoption rate is slowing, Windows 10 is still growing but Microsoft is always finding ways to advertise and to have compelling reasons to upgrade. One way is the latest promotions that are now available on the Windows Store, right now until November 29th, more than 1,000 songs, apps, games, songs and movies have been discounted down to just 10 cents. Games such as Angry Birds Star Wars, […]

Windows 10 now runs on 132m devices, but it’s slowing

The initial growth for Windows 10 has been huge, just since July 132 million computers have been upgraded for free to Microsoft’s latest OS. But after just three months the adoption rate has been slowing down since the launch three months ago. This information has come from a report published today by Net Applications which also states that Windows 10 has a user share of 7.9% – which in October alone it […]

Windows 10 will soon be getting significant DPI improvements

As a Mac user I’ve probably been spoilt with consistently clear text and proper scaling but since using Windows 10, I’ve seen numerous issues with scaling and DPI. Good news though, as the computer world is shifting towards full 1080p screens and 4K and sometimes 5K – the software needs to be able to cope with the added real estate and make sure everything scales correctly and doesn’t appear blurry. Today Microsoft have […]

Microsoft teams up with OEMs and Intel for new ad campaign

It’s not news anymore that the PC industry is doing badly. Just earlier in this year in July figures were released that overall PC sales were dropping 10-12% every year, whereas Mac sales were surging ahead with 5-6% extra market share in the second quarter of 2014 and 7.8% in Q2 2015. In fact Lenovo, HP and Dell haven’t done that well. Dell had a negative growth of -8.7% ad HP […]

Windows 10 may automatically install on your PC

As it seems, Microsoft is basically forcing people running Windows 7 and Windows 8 to upgrade to the latest release, Windows 10. Just recently it has been revealed that the company has been forcing the update on people, in occasion without any prior warning. This comes from a report published by Ars Technica which contains details that Microsoft changed the optional tick box to be ticket so that when someone updated their […]

The new Lumia 950 will be on EE and Vodafone

Earlier this week, Microsoft unveiled some new products including the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 but also some new Microsoft Lumia products; the Lumia 950, 950 XL and 550. Shortly after the announcement we have news from UK carriers, EE and Vodafone that they will be carrying the new smartphones from Microsoft. Both companies annouced the news on Twitter. EE didnt supply any news on the Lumia 950 XL or the 550 […]